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State-of- the-art machines are essential to upkeep quality of printing. We believe that investment in latest machinery upgrades the whole industry as it sets example for others. Komori Offset printing machine and Heidelberg range of printing machines are great workhorses which we keep to deliver amazing class productions. Moreover, a high rigidity gripper shaft, a new double gripper, ink roller alignment, a ghosting prevention roller and skeleton-type transfer cylinder-are hi-tech gadgets to maintain excellence and efficiency, together.

Proper upkeep of electrical circuits is another area of focus for smooth functioning on projects work. To make sure that technology act as human friendly and with improved performance, we have introduced the Lithrone for better results in all spheres. Look, what we get in return! We are constantly blessed by unbelievable print quality and greater work efficiency.


4 Color KAMORI LA 37 25"x36" 4 Color CPC HEIDELBERG MOVH, 19" x 25" (HIGHPILE) 6 Color CPC HEIDELBERG CPTRONICS, 19" x 25" (HIGHPILE) Single Color HEIDELBERG, 19" x 25" 4 Color CPC HEIDELBERG, 28" x 40"


1 – FUJI CTP (Computer To Plate) Unit


Polar Programming Cutting Machine, 36" Laminations Machine Normal and Thermal Perfect Binding Machine Section Sewing Machine (THREAD SEWING) Die Cutting Machine Automatic wire Stitching Machines UV Coating Machines